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PEMF Results Guide

This reference provides a working guide to "what to expect", from PEMF use.

PEMF Results Guide

  • A method to predict probable results;
  • Exposure guide based on health status;
  • A model of how noxious toxins affect response;
  • A working list of anomalous results.

Spine Regeneration

Use of beta particles as an immunoregulatory and regenerative enabler in an 84 year old physician. Six month MRI images suggest near elimination of a bone spur which penetrated the spinal cord, and apparent significant increases in vertebrae bone density.

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Addiction Detox

Reversal of cellular addiction using oxidative lipoids to dissolve cellular inverse-toxins. Method has permanently reversed heroin addiction within 48 hours with minimum withdrawal symptoms. General method works for anabolic-addictive substances nicotine, opiates, crack, methadone, and etc.

Full Addiction Detox Site

Stress Syndrome

A systemic model resolve metabolite depletion that results from stress enabling escalating pathology in chronic syndromes.

Stress Detoxification

Autism Cascade

A systemic model to improve recovery in autistic syndromes. The model utilizes resolving a series of metabolic locks to resolve deadlocked pathology of pathogens, toxins, shock and ischemia.

Full Autism Site

Autism Cascade

Liver Tutorial

A brief discussion of how the liver, and liver dysfunctions and high level strategy to manage improvement of liver performance

PEMF History and Science

A novel presentation of how and why exposure to pulsed electromagnetic fields produce therapeutic response.

Full PEMFLive.com Site

Beta Hormesis

A novel presentation of how and why exposure to mild energetic partices produces therapeutic response.

Case Studies

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HowTo Portal

Protocols library with practical programs to address health issues.

Energetic Etiology Portal

These white papers provide models for integration of energetic and nutrient protocols that yield dramatic responses.

The lnks to the right to access eBooks with detailed information on the topics.

The Energetic Etiology Portal has links to protocols and products.

Polypathogenic Autism Autism symptoms are driven by neurotoxins created by overgrowth of multiple pathogens.
Energetic Insulin Resistance Cell membrane toxins compromise power reducing the cellular processes that support glucose utilization.
Electric Autoimmunity Tumor necrosis factor overexpression is driven by compromised transmembrane potential.
Malignancy Cofactors Five coincident energetic and toxic factors create the environment for cancer.
Ischemic Dormancy Rapid recovery from stroke suggests that brain tissue death is long delayed in stroke victims.
Tissue Regeneration Tissue regeneration is driven by the cellular to energetic template linkage. Link strength determines healing rates from acute trauma.
Lipid Detoxification Reactivation of the lipid dilution detoxification pathway as a method to reduce accumulated lipid toxins.

Cell Membrane Repair System

This presentation provides a practical and comprehensive guide to re-establish cell membrane performance toward durable improvement in health status.

The program integrates nutritional, detoxification and electromagnetic protocols into a orderly program.

eBook to optimize cell membrane performance

Cell Membrane Power

This presentation a lot of revolutionary information for health. It explains electrophysiology, pH, and cell membrane dysfunction as kingpin causal factors in many diseases.  It also describes chronic diseases as a control loop. These keys enable durable treatment of many chronic diseases caused by cell membrane dysfunction including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Diabetes, and many more.

Full Research Page for Membrane Power

Presented by: Mark Squibb

PEMF Research Portal

Pulsed Magnetic Fields are very therapeutic.  This research portal provides guided access to several hundred research papers as it applies to many physical conditions.

PEMF Research Portal

Hyperlipidemia and Immunity

Stealth infection appears to be the dominant cause of high cholesterol, triglycerides, and a strong cofactor in  heart disease in about 90% of cases. Suggests why immune modulators are highly effective reducing serum lipids, cholesterol and triglycerides, with over 90% efficacy in 30 days.

Click here for a Complete Information including Clinical study data.

Presented by: Mark Squibb, 10:06

Prescriptions for Disaster

Discusses the correlation between multiple prescriptions and the rapidly increasing incidence of liver disease.

Presented by Mark Squibb, 1:09

Lipophilic Detoxification Protocol

Lipophilic Detoxification is a new strategy, developed by WHN, to help people exposed to Agent Orange and other fat soluble toxins which undermine cell membrane integrity and cause chronic and debilitating diseases.

Presented by Mark Squibb, 3:27

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